Family Sanctuary

This sweet suburban yard was not offering much to the owners with weedy grass and no other plants besides some overgrown roses and a solo Japanese maple. With a newly installed patio, they were finally ready to bring in some life. We focused on creating traffic flow through pathways to make the yard feel explorative for their young daughters, with lots of sensory and edible plants tucked in. Evergreen shrubs for natural hedges lines the property line for privacy, and lots of small trees create vertical height and shade. 

Design and project management of the hardscaping install by Green Forest Landscaping took place in the Fall and Winter, and we are very excited to start planting in Spring!

The design plan usually shifts a bit after hardscaping as changes inevitably come up. It's always good to be flexible and open to better ideas as they unfold. Here we've adjusted the pathway entrance from the patio for more direct access.


Camas, WA


- Pathways, opportunities for movement through garden

- Kid friendly plants

- Replace weedy grass

- New retaining wall with cleaner look to match new patio

- Privacy from street/neighbors on exposed corner lot




IN PROCESS: adding new sod and pathways


IN PROCESS: adding new sod and pathways


IN PROCESS: adding gravel pathway and raised garden beds


IN PROCESS: new retaining wall, garden beds, and pathway installed. Now we wait for Spring to plant!