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I'm Tari, the green thumb behind Wildscape Gardens.


Life has taken me down many paths, from a career in photography to being a published scientist and author, but I've always been grounded in plants. It is hard for me to walk around the block without stopping to observe every unfurling leaf, seedhead, or fragrant bloom. While studying soil health via spreadsheets and scientific papers with the Center for Biological Diversity,

I realized how much I needed to have my hands IN the soil to learn about ecosystems. My background in botany, environmental science, and years of working in nurseries, herb gardens and farms informs my experience and love of building beautiful, purposeful gardens. 

I'm not a landscape architect; I am an artist who brings a creative and accessible element to my landscape designs. I want these designs to really make sense to you and be a helpful map for tending your garden on your own. My goal is to make you a gardener, with assurance that I'm here when you need me! I approach every design with thoughtfulness for the environment, house style, and client aesthetic. That being said...

If you like things on the WILD side, we are going to be a great fit!


I can't wait to meet you!

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