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Dynamic Welcome Garden

I met Lonitah while coordinating the Mutual Aid Program for Black Resilience Fund -- an amazing organization providing support to Black Portlanders (go check them out!). She was tired of her patchy front lawn and wanted something bold and beautiful to come home too, sending me bright purples and blues in her inspiration photos. She loves water features, so we emulated the look of one by making a dry stream bed with rocks -- a low cost alternative that Lonitah will get a small fountain bowl to place into.


With donated design and labor, I also aimed to keep material and plant costs down by salvaging rocks, getting donated plants, and using readily available organic materials like Fall leaves to build the base of the berm. I even found a broken terracotta pot and laid it on its side for a spilling plant effect.

Micro gardens are a great way to bring excitement to your yard without breaking the bank. Check out free postings on NextDoor or Buy Nothing for landscaping materials before buying, and look for plant swaps. Most perennials need routine digging up and dividing, and neighbors are often happy to share!




- Reduce lawn

- Purples/blues

- A water feature look

- Pathway next to driveway 

- free/low cost


IMG_5522 2





Donated rocks and salvaged materials like the broken terracotta pot bring an artistic character to this micro entrance garden

Planting in process

Planting in process

One and a half years later

One and a half years later

Lots of growth a year and a half after planting

Lots of growth a year and a half after planting

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